Holiday Hell Preview

NCPW’s annual November Pay-Per-View “Holiday Hell” is this Wednesday and it is a Mayhem Exclusive PPV this year.  It is the last stop for Mayhem and the last Pay-Per-View before NCPW’s biggest PPV of the Year the 3rd Annual WrestlePalooza. Who will walk out of Holiday Hell and ready for WrestlePalooza.

Brian Styles vs RJ Styles
Winner: RJ Styles
Rating: 2.9

Travis Drake vs. Sabin Ryder
Winner: Travis Drake
Rating: 3.4

Sebastian Jess vs Christian J
Winner: Christian J
Rating: 3.0

Drake Jackson w/Daniel Storm vs Christian Daniels
Winner: Christian Daniels

James Abbot vs Prince Bubblegum
Winner: Prince Bubblegum
Rating: 2.8

Big Dick Rick vs Jett Kevins for the Prodigy Championship
Winner: Big Dick Rick
Rating: 2.5

Tyler Wolfe vs Andre Brooks for the Mayhem Championship
Winner: Andre Brooks
Rating: 2.9