Mayhem Results- 1/15/2020

Disciples of Darkness Open up the show, Drake Jackson talks about how his 1/2 of the Championship is up on the line, and Daniel Storm opens a challenge to Tyler Wolfe

Tyler Wolfe Def. BDR

Tyler Wolfe began showing an unstable side to himself pleading with someone or something to help him and to set him free before the mirror cracked burning on the mirror that “he will be here soon.”

Travis Drake Def. Jett Kevins

Announced That Tyler Wolfe will be facing Daniel Storm in a first ever I Quit Match

Prince Bubblegum Def. Daniel Storm

9-1-1 came out, Sebastion Jess arrested Prince Bubblegum, Put in the back in a Sqaud Car, Then Randell came out with a bat and smashed the windows and then used it against Spike & Jess.

Andre Brooks Def. DJ2

Drake Jackson Signed The Contract and Left it in the Ring