Mayhem Results LIVE 2-5-2020

Mayhem Champion Andre Brooks, Daniel Storm, and Mayhem Champion Number 1 Contender Prince Bubblegum open the show. They talk about the gold that Andre Brooks has. Drake Jackson comes out to the ring. After the distraction Prince Bubblegum gets curbed stomped, and Jackson points at the championship.

Tre Reid Def. Christian Daniels

Drake Jackson comes out, Calls CJ Angel to come out, but fools the crowd. Shawn Angel comes out, and talks one on one to Drake about how Drake is disrespecting his fathers name. Drake Vs. Shawn is set at the Pay-Per-View

Jett Kevins Def. Prince Bubblegum

Tyler Wolfe addresses his injury, Talks about how it is a career ending injury, Then BDR interrupts, Then Daniel Storm comes out, Setting up a IC Title match after Tyler attacked BDR last week.

9-1-1 Def. Drake Jackson & Andre Brooks