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Showdown Preview 2-18-2020

The brand new addition of Showdown goes live tonight at 9:30 PM EST. It will be the last Showdown before Let It Roll, and anything is possible leading up to any Pay-Per-View.

There is so much that we could see tonight, and is it possible we could see a face to face between Paul Adams and Showdown Champion Brad Richards. It is also possible we can see much more from Oliver Phoenix and Randall Young. You also can’t forgot about the Brawler Champion Tommy Black. Is it possible that we will see Black talk about his upcoming match next week. We could also see O14K, 9-1-1, Northern Outlawz, and the welfare king tonight. Your questions will answered tonight at the brand new episode of NCPW Showdown

Tag Team Index

9-1-1 : Sebastian Jess & Spike Turner

O14K : Drake Jackson, Jett Kevins, Blake Bone and Travis Drake

Northern Outlawz: DJ2, Tim Jones and Brian Styles

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