NCPW Wrestling

Fusion 8-13-20

Adam Brax opens Show Backstage Talking about someone tonight earning there way into a World Heavyweight championship match at R4

Tyler Redwood Vs. The Blade Runner

Byron Styles & BDR Fight in the locker room, Officials breaking it up, later ending their feud after officials deemed them too ruthless to fight a R4.

BDR Vs. Tyler Wolfe 

BDR gets his head smashed into a ring post by Tyler Wolfe

Main Event: Will Sparrow Vs. Seth Watson N1C Match for WHC

Photo's from BDR's Incident

Tyler Wolfe doing a ring post kick to BDR

Doctors have not cleared BDR for Months of action. BDR will be unable to find his next meat as he revived stitches after his head was spit open. He was also deemed concussed after going to a medical facility  

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