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Tommy Black, Kyler Dylen, and Jett Kevins Suspended

NCPW Management, Drake Jackson, Brian Styles, Adam Brax, CJ Angle, and KD have agreed on the suspension of  Tommy Black, Kyler Dylen, and Jett Kevins.


Tommy Black –

Management have came to terms to suspend Tommy Black due to the actions that have happened in the past 48 hours. In addition, The action he had inflicted on to another person on Xbox

Kyler Dylen-

Kyler Dylen has been suspended due to actions in the past few days. Management has warned Kyler Dylen less than 48 hours ago that punishments would increase if he continues to harass talent. He has further continued to do so. Therefore, he has been suspended for 1 week. 

Management has further decided that his suspension will start after the 8-11’s Showdown due to a tournament dedicated to his father.

Jett Kevins-

Jett Kevins has been suspended for not following the terms given by management.

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