NCPW Wrestling

NCPW Budget 2021

Arena Cost Yearly: 600,000
Crew/Ring: 200K 
Stock Dividend Cuts per year: 300k
TV/Streaming: 1.2 M
NCPW HQ: 3.5 Million

Superstar Contracts:
Drake Jackson: 100 Million
Andre Brooks: 42 Millions
Adam Brax: 20 Million
Tyler Wolfe: 150 Million
Randall Young: 6.5 Million
JJ Stryker: 6 Million
CJ Angel: 33 Million
Christian Daniels: 1.15 Million
Brenan Lasher: 800k
Dalton: 12.080 Million
Aaron Greed: 25 Million
Daniel Storm: 12 Million
Tommy Black: 2 Million
Paul Adams: 3 Million
Martin Kevins: 2.5 Million
Jett Kevins: 2 Million
Sebastian Jess: 750k
Spike Turner: 1.2 Million
Christian: 500k
Dallas Black: 100k
Princess Bubblegumm: 4 Million
Prince Bubblegumm: 500k
Big Daddy Dave: 5.5 Million

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