NCPW Wrestling

Wrestlepalooza 4

Wrestlepalooza 4
December 16th, 2020
Pre Show: 5:30 PM EST
Main Show: 9 PM EST
Kansas City, Missouri 80,000- Fans

El Gringo Dragon Def Cobra Kid (1.0/5)
Barry Wyatt Wins Rumble (5.0)
Martin Kevins Def Mimsey (2.0/5)
Prince Bubblegumm Def Jean Girad (3.0/5)

Drake Def CJ Angel (5.0/5.0)

NCPW World Heavyweight Title
Lasher def Dalton (C) and Tommy (3.0/5)

Oliver Phoenix def James Abbot (2.0./5)

IC Title
Paul Adams Def Tyler Wolfe for the IC Title (5.0/5.0)

Loser leave Mayhem
Randall Young Def JJ Stryker (4.5/5)

Grand Championship
Christian Daniels Ded Big Daddy Dave, Jett Kevins and JJ Stryker (4.0/5)

NCPW Global Title
Spike Turner Retains against Sebastion Jess (5/5)

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