NCPW Paradise City 4

Pre Show:
Steven King def The Ghost (5.0/5.0)

Big C and Randall Young def LOD (Tim Cage and Osiris) (3.5/5)

Main Show:

NCPW Heavyweight Title Match
Spike Turner def Tyler Wolfe and The Incinerator (3.0/5)

NCPW Co Owner Position
Thick Boi/Daniel Cage def Andre Brooks (3.3/5)

NCPW Xfinity Championship
Prince Bubblegumm def Trevor Adams (2.8/5)

NCPW United States Title
Tim Cage def Oliver Phoenix, Sean Angel (2.8/5)

NCPW Global Title (Hells Coliseum)
Drake Jackson def Randall Young (2.3/5)

Princess Bubblegumm Cashs in!!!!