NCPW Revolution 5

NCPW World Heavyweight Title Ladder (4.5/5)
Spike Turner def Marqis Brooks and Trevor Adams

NCPW Global Title (3.3/5)
Hunter Jones def Randall Young

NCPW IC Title (4.0/5)
Tyler Wolfe def Alexander Yosef

US Title Match (2.5/5)
Oliver Phoenix def Tank Young

Marqis Brooks def JJ Stryker (3.0/5)

TLC (If Daniel Storm wins Benjamin King leaves Resurgence & if Benjamin King wins he becomes the new Resurgence GM): (5/5)
Daniel Storm def Benjamin King

AJ Kings Def Drake Jackson (4.3/5)

Daniel Cage def Leon Rage (3.6/5)

Xfinity Title: (4.2/5)
Jett Kevins def Mimsey and Prince Bubblegumm

Sean Joans def Blake Storm (5/5)