NCPW Wrestling

I. Introduction

The rules for WWE 2K19 for NCPW is simple. The rules will be listed in categories, and you should read the rules to get advantages in the matches. We will cover most of the topics in this document. 

II. Banned Moves, Abilities And Realism

We are not like most 2K Leagues, and have many moves banned. We like to give everyone a wide range of what they can use. NCPW has a short list on the banned moves and abilities. The list will be very specific on if the move is banned as a regular strike or grapple, and maybe just in general. We like to keep our league in a general fair playing field, and to entertain others that are watching your match. The moves Superkick 5 and the Hart Stopper are banned from being used in the league. The spear is also banned as a regular move, You can still use it as a finisher or signature. We have banned those moves for the fun and quality of the match, and for the length of the move. There are also no submissions allowed in NCPW, and the pinning of signature moves. There is also a limit of 4 ground moves at a time, so that means you can only do strikes, grapples, and stomps when your opponent is grounded 4 times before picking them up. When you are in a match you cannot spam or constantly repeat a move, and in addition you cannot stay outside the ring the whole match, or a time period waiting for reversals. You also need to keep your characters move-set realistic. You should not see a heavyweight or super heavyweight doing spring boards or flips, and having fast momentum for their size. You also will need to talk to the owner of a finisher to use it as a finisher. You will be able to use someone’s finisher as a signature and vice versa, but if you both want to have it as a signature or a finisher you will have to sort it out between the moves owner and you.


III. Resiliency and Break Ups

In NCPW, You are allowed to use your Resiliencies on WWE 2K19 in any match, but not all of your 3. When you’re not participating in Number 1 Contender, Tournament Matches, and Qualifying matches you will get to use 1 Resiliency. When you are partaking in Number 1 Contender, Tournament Matches, and Qualifying Matches you get to use 2 Resiliencies. When you are in championship matches and tournament finals, then you are able to use all 3 of your Resiliencies. We have limitations on Resiliency to keep the show flowing, and depending on the importance of your match you have been given more. In addition, Tag team matches will have different standards with their break up and Resiliencies. When you partake in a regular tag match, you will have one resiliency per player, and then 1 team break up. When there is a Number One Contender, Tournament Matches , and qualifying matches. Then for Tag Team championship matches, You get 2 team break ups, and 2 resiliency per player.  

IV. Match Endings (Ladder Match, Steel Cage, Split Screen)

NCPW has faced multiple split screens between competitors, and undefined rules on Ladder Matches and Steel Cage matches. When there is a ladder match happening, you must hit at least 2 finishers to climb the ladder and get the item hanging from the arena rafters. There has never been a rule on Steel Cage matches in NCPW, but people like to end this match early by escaping, and or walking out the door, but you will need to at least hit 1 finisher to climb and or escape by door. There also has never been a rule on match split screens but depending on the situation, if both competitors split when the match is declared as the “beginning or middle” , then there will be a rematch at that moment. If they split towards the “end” of the match then it will be considered a draw.

V. Other Unspecified In-Ring Rules

There are other NCPW rules that have not been listed under the other categories, and these might be some of the most important or least important rules in NCPW. NCPW is all about fairness in the ring, and not always it can be like that, but you must give your competitor ring curtsy. That is when you let your competitor get in the ring without any attacks, and this rule is only in Normal One on One matches and normal tag matches. If you fail to give this rule, your opponent will get a free move that is not a signature and finisher. When there is no ring curtsy, you cannot hit your opponent immediately with a finisher or signature. You also cannot stall your moves such as waiting more than 2-5 seconds to hit a finisher or signature. If we are being realistic, You are not able to pin if you hit a move after your finisher such as a accidental stomp. In addition, You cannot throw your opponents into the ropes, and throw them into the air for a catching finisher. You may however use your catching finisher when they jumped, and or did a springboard on their own.Roll-Ups are also allowed, but however they must be realistic so you cannot spam them. You are now allowed to pin off Rare Moments that don’t occur often. This includes devastating OMG moments that take a finisher, to top rope grapples that are not done much.

VI. Overalls

There are set overall requirements in NCPW. The basic overall for every regular superstar is a 85 Overall. A mid-card champion is allowed to have their overall at a 90 Overall since they earned it by holding a championship. A world champion is allowed to have their overall at a 95 overall since they are representing the league or their respective brand. In addition, you will not need to have any type of submission stat, so it is recommended that you put it at the lowest to up more stats.


VII. Promos and Party Chat

There have not been many problems with promos and party chats in NCPW. There should be no racism, discrimination, sexism, anti-social or vulgar behavior, cyber-bulling or slander in the party, and majority of the behaviors listed should be left out of your promos. In addition, you are playing and talking as a character there should be no personal things brought into the promos. This will include family members, death, diseases, and etc,. When it is show time or it is a PPV, then all conversations should revolve around the show unless there is downtime at the time. This is not a dictatorship, but we ask that all people watch the matches and not talk about other topics just as respect for people who watch your match. There should absolutely be no talking during show intros, commentary, and promos. The talking during matches should be reactions and or commentary. We try not to be strict when it comes to party chat, but we just ask for respect out of everyone. There also will be given downtime during every show.


VIII. Appearance and Creative

You will receive 2 days off a month and 1 emergency day off. These days could be extended to what is going on around you such as illness, death, family events and such others. You should use your days wisely or not at all. You cannot miss Pay-Per-Views. Your appearances will also affect your creative booking on building you up or finding a competitor. You have to pitch ideas, and contribute to your storyline. If there is no effort being seen then you will be punished. You also can tell the Creative Team or the GM of the respective brand on what story-line you would like to do or aim for, and they must be reasonable.

IX. Theme Songs

You must use your theme for a considerate amount of time.  A reasonable length would be about 2-3 Pay-Per-Views.  This is a rule because people like to change their theme too frequently making it unrealistically. It would be realistic if your character has been off the shows for a reasonable amount of weeks, and a heel or face turn.

X. Discord Chat

NCPW has very basic rules to the discord chat, and some that have been very undefined. NCPW has gone through some moments in the past with the chat. There should be no racism, discrimination, sexism, anti-social or vulgar behavior, cyber-bulling or slander in the chats. This will include PM’s as there should be no reason for a war to break out because we are all here for the same reason, and it is to have fun, have matches, meet people, and etc,. If the behavior above is violated it could lead to no booking to an indefinite suspension. If you leave the discord chat, then you can consider yourself fired until you hear back from the creative team. You also need to post your stuff in the right chat such as themes into the right chat with characters name, and moves go where your moves go with your characters name on it.