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NCPW Demolition Derby

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Pre-Show: Tristan Sinster Def. Will Sparrow Main Show: Demolition Derby Match Paul Adams Def. Tyler Redwood & Spike Turner…

Paradise City 3 Results

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Scottie Smooth Def Lash (2.0) Fallen Def Mago Jr (2.0) The Prophecy Def Shield (4.5) Main ShowIC ChampionshipTyler Wolfe…

NCPW Budget Chart

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I thought it might be interesting to look into NCPW Budgeting.  Arena Cost Yearly: 500 Million Crew/Ring: 750K  Stock…

Adam Brax Terminated From…

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Adam Brax (Formally Known As Zach Elliot) has been Terminated from his position as Showdown General Manager. Drake Jackson…

HellBound 4-28-20

0 83
NCPW WHC Jett Kevins Def. BDR Tommy Black Cash-In Tommy Black Def. Jett Kevins For the NCPW WHC NCPW…

NCPW Demon Released

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NCPW Demon and NCPW has came to terms of release. We hope for a future return, but best of…

Showdown Results 4-7-2020

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The Rebellion Announces New Member Spike Turner The Rebellion (Spike Turner & Brian Styles) Def. The Black Jackets The…

MITB Addition

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We have an action packed card tonight, but tonight we will see the addition of Azrael Abbot Vs. Spencer.…

Showdown Preview 2-18-2020

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The brand new addition of Showdown goes live tonight at 9:30 PM EST. It will be the last Showdown…

Mayhem 2-12-20

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